Trio Baru


Guitarists Bosco Oliveira, Nelson Latif and percussionist Rafael dos Santos make up the line-up of Trio Baru, a group that has been touring many countries all around the world for the last twelve years. The musicians have different musical backgrounds: Latif in the choro, Bosco in the Spanish flamenco and Rafael dos Santos in the traditional regional styles. In 2011 Trio Baru released their first album, called Alma Brasileira; in 2016 their first DVD, called Trio Baru, dez anos.

Cavaquinho and acoustic guitar player Nelson Latif formed his musical identity in the legendary jazz scene of 1980's São Paulo. With roots in choro and jazz, Latif merges Brazilian styles and a classical guitar technique with diverse musical influences. In his melodic phrasing one hears bebop and Brazilian syncopations.

Latif started his studies at age fourteen. During the 90's he moved to Amsterdam and started performing on the cavaquinho, an instrument that has since become his trademark. Nelson Latif returned to Brazil in 2001, where he formed Trio Baru. Since then, Latif has performed as a soloist as well as in collaboration with various artists. As cultural promoter, Nelson Latif has been coordinating educational projects for universities and cultural institutions around the world.

João Bosco de Oliveira was born in Brasília in 1967, and started his guitar studies at the age of 8. He studied at Escola de Música de Brasília and the Universidade de Brasília - UNB, graduating in 1992. Bosco took part in several international guitar competitions and won four of them. He has performed in Brasília and other Brazilian cities, and always receives excellent reviews in the Brazilian press. Bosco Oliveira is a professor at the classic guitar department of the Brasília Music School, where he has been teaching since 1993.

From Brasília, drummer and percussionist Rafael dos Santos is well-known for his musical diversity. He is a specialist at mixing the traditional styles of Afro-Brazilian music with modern jazz. Rafael was a teacher at the renowned choro school Rafael Rabello. Besides playing with Trio Baru, he can also be seen all around Brazil as a sideman of some of the country's star singers.